Boston Profit ep

by Boston Profit

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released April 24, 2014

Produced by Matt Jackson, Kevin Gong and Neil Endicott
Recorded and Mixed by Kevin Gong and Neil Endicott



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Boston Profit

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Track Name: Wonder Why
Warm night sunlight has fallen
i think its time to walk the streets alone
i need the hope of a new day coming
and wonder why some things are never known

Cause oh i can't stop thinking
about the things i do that never change
and oh its just the same situation
i need a break

Another day i know
life just keeps on slipping by
and i stop myself
think and wonder why
theres a time bomb counting down i'm on the run
when i'm weak
i will keep moving on

My feet swept from right under me
i've missed some chances when i should've moved along
Feeling down but no i didn't wanna be
giving time to sing that sad old song

Cause oh yesterday i remember
better times better feelings yeah
But oh you can never say never
another day could fade away
Track Name: Used to be
Good and bad memories i swallow
who i used to be won't be me tomorrow
i feel the drums and hear the sound
i keep on marching when the sun is going down

I never saw you coming
you crashed like lightning from the sky
i never saw you coming
you crashed like lightning

whoa oh oh ..whoa oh oh
things aren't the way they used to be
who oh oh...whoa oh oh
things aren't the way they used to be

You're the one you take me up higher
only one around i know that lights the fire
i met ya down on a dead end street
turned me back around you set me on my feet yeah
Track Name: Start Sinking
White lies tongue tied
you hide behind your secrets
you'll find you'll lose it all before your eyes
tall tales that you tell but fail to find the reasons
set sail and let the waves begin to grow

Where will you be when you both start sinkin
where will you be when you're going down

Bright lights big city you found a new beginning
but your lies they can follow you right to the grave
yeah i know what you know and don't buy what you've sold
your ties they've left me hanging out to dry whoa
you're far too out of control